The Curious case of Stranger Anxiety

baby crying


I thought this day would never come. As much as I wanted her to be sociable, it wasn’t that easy, especially now.


For the past months, my daughter would interact with people around her even though she have met them at least once in the past. For the first few minutes, she will just observe how our visitors interact with her, then after which she’ll respond with them; that’s how she is for the past 8 months, but now it’s a different story.


Since she’s used to be just inside our house because I only have weekends to bring her to the mall or go outside so we’re often stuck. I don’t know if it does really affect her or I’m just overthinking, but I noticed for the past weeks, she chooses whose going to carry or play with her.


If before everyone is her playmate, now, she just wanted us — me, my mother, my sister, my aunt, my cousin and our dog. She would rather play with our dog sometimes compared to us! Sometimes I blame my hectic schedule because I am having a hard time balancing my work and bonding time with her. As much as I wanted to have more time with her to teach her, and talk to her my schedule doesn’t permit me to do so.


Even if I work remotely, still, my working hours and her playtime hours are different. She’s sleeping while I’m working, and she’s awake while I am sleeping. I can’t stay awake for more than 18 hours or my vertigo will attack and it will have a domino effect not just to her but with my work as well.


They said that it will pass as she grows up, but I am just wondering how come it manifest just now, she’s turning 1 in 2 months yet she suddenly have this. Well, as the saying goes, you cannot predict what will happen next. I’m just hoping that on her birthday she’ll get to interact with her guests and especially with her playmates.


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