What to expect on MommaWay



This has been long planned but due to hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to push it through. Finally, after 123456789 years, I finally launched my blog after being a mom for exactly 10 months now.


I have been planning this since I was like 8 weeks pregnant, but since I know this will surely consume a lot of time and I don’t know if I can devout my time for this like not missing a thing or two, I have to let my pregnancy passed until I can get enough time to update it regularly.


I planned to do this because I want my daughter to see what were the things that I had to face while she was still a baby and what we have been through during pregnancy. There are tons of blogs out there but I haven’t seen a certain blog that talks about not just being a human parent, but also as a pet-parent, thus, I decided to create one.




I really don’t know how to start really, all I just wanted is to launch this today since this marks my daughter’s 10th month here in the outside world, and of course I also want to share what were my preparations for her birthday and baptism (trust me it’s so hard to decide and to budget). I also would like to share some instances where I almost lose my sanity while I was still suffering from Post-partum depression, which up until now I am still getting through it.


What else?…


I really can’t think of anything to include, for now, I will just focus on raising my daughter and sharing what I have accomplished, as well as what is it like when you have a pet who also serve as your child.


So that’s it. Probably will share with you later how are we celebrated my daughter’s month-birthdays.