Once you become a mother, you can never hold back. As much as you wanted to stop for a moment just to have a quick nap, you can’t just easily do so. You have to give up on the things you are used to do while you were still alone, you always have to think of the welfare of your child before yours.


In my 10 months of being a mother, I would say that it’s an adventure that I never expected it to be, but I can’t back down. So far, I’m getting used in holding pee because my daughter is crying whenever I attempt to step my foot away from her; thinking that I’m leaving her even if the bathroom is just 2-3 steps away. When you can’t enjoy having a good scrub while you take a bath because your child is already awake, and you need to give her milk. When you have to squeeze your errands while your child is sleeping, and as opposed to what everyone is saying that when your baby is sleeping, you shall sleep too — well, surprise! You can’t even finish half of your chores while your little child is sleeping, and expect that sometimes he/she is already awake after like 10-15 minutes of sleep (I’m not even finish typing a thing for my blog on that span).


Sure it’s exhausting, but once you see your baby sound asleep, it feels like your job for the day is already paid off. No amount of money can equate the value of seeing your child safe and healthy.Even if you had a very tough day, your mood will switch upon seeing his/her toothless smile; he/she alone can already ease all the exhaustion you have been through the day.


No matter how tough life can bring, just a hug and kiss from your little can smoothen all the humps and bumps that life has to offer.


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